Sim Racing Button Boxes

We spent nearly a full year testing and developing a button box for iRacing that will make competitive circle track racing on both dirt and asphalt more enjoyable and racing more manageable.

What ONE3 Speed Circle Track Button Box Can Do For You:

  • Control your in-car adjustments with one touch.
  • Control your next pit stop with one touch.
  • Leverage custom Ignition, Starter, and Tow/Exit buttons.
  • Free up controls on your wheel for other commands.
ONE3 Speed Button Boxes

The Journey to Production

ONE3 Speed owner Chris Papa was browsing for the perfect button box for his own needs after struggling with fumbling through keyboard commands and voice commands for car management in races. Quite frankly, the "perfect box" didn't exist, so he decided to make his own. He started with testing button options placed in cardboard boxes, which migrated to Lexan , and continued to experiement and evaluate until eventually landing on our eventual button box build.

Built with Function and Appearance in Mind:

  • Installs as a Plug-and-Play Joystick... No software needed.
  • Assembled and shipped from Buffalo, NY to the US and Canada.
  • Each unit is hand-built and race tested before being shipped.
  • Units on our website are ready to ship immediately.

Ergonomically Perfect

The button layout is extremely important - we've laid out the buttons in clusters with specific order to ensure the racer would always be able to make a change to the car or execute a pit strategy without taking their eyes off of the screen. Even drivers leveraging a VR headset can quickly learn the button layout by touch and manage their vehicle seamlessly.

Concepts Deployed for Usability:

  • High quality buttons for one-touch deployment of your strategy or adjustments.
  • Clustered buttons easily located with left or right hand.
  • Logical positioning from left to right for pit controls.
  • Gentle LED backlighting available on Ignition, Starter, and Tow/Exit buttons.

Easily Customizable

Our Circle Track Button Boxes do not come programmed. In fact, they don't require any software at all. Easily program the button boxes within iRacing as keystrokes to meet the needs for your event, your car, or your style. Run the same box for NextGen Cup Cars, Sprint Cars, GT3 Cars, that stupid Vee car, and just about every car in the sim.

Make It Your Own!

  • Set up In-Car Adjustment cluster buttons per-car in iRacing Controls.
  • Leverage the In-Car Adjustment cluster for other commands.
  • Cater the Pit-Strategy buttons to meet the needs of your race.
  • Includes a sticker sheet with labels to identify your programmed buttons.

Dimensionally Ideal

Your space is limited, but we have you covered! These boxes are 7.7" wide, 5" tall, and 4" deep. There are no sharp edges on these boxes and can be mounted in many ways. Whether you run with a conventional desk, a homemade rig, or a pro-style sim rig, our Button Boxes will be a perfect fit.

Basic Features of our Circle Track Button Boxes

  • Normal faceplate is glare resistant (Holographic Series is shiny)
  • Plot and mount the boxes anyhere to keep vital controlls a finger tip away.
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