Sim Racing PC Builds

Be on the lookout - ONE3 Speed loves to build custom gaming PC's! We build absolute beasts which are designed to run iRacing for the next 5+ years without a hiccup.

Our builds will absolutely scream, look phenomenal, and be somewhat budget responsible. Build availability does rely on obtaining GPUs, so a time committment is not feasible at this time.

About These Builds:

  • One-off custom builds, every time.
  • All NEW parts in a colorful, creative, custom build.
  • GeForce GPUs from the 3 series, ideal for triples or VR.
  • More than enough RAM and SSD space to handle anything you can throw at it.
  • Loaded with Windows 10 Pro and fully tested prior to shipment.
Sim Racing PC Builds

There are currently no units available.

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